Tips for the babes

  1. The banter (chat)

    Keep it "light and breezy" positive. Don't, I repeat DONT! talk about god or which political party you're into or what your x did as a job... Hell you can even comment on how good or bad they are at bowling. Thats the point you don't have to talk much at all, after all body language is the most important thing.

  2. Don't judge too early
    These guys may be (read – definitely are) nervous. Give ’em a break! This video explains it all

  3. Relax
    You could find ‘the one’ or you could make an epic new pal. Be calm, collected, confident and most importantly – yourself! Guys will notice you, we promise... they’re like heat seeking missiles for cool, fun chicks – like you!

  4. Hoes before bros (aka chicks before d*cks)

    We get it, but don’t forget - the most important opinion is your own. You don't need verification - go with your gut and you have nothing to lose. Worst case scenario? A free dinner and a new friend. Win.

  5. Look glam (comfy glam)

    Look good = feel good = confidence a kimbo, and THAT is attractive. Don’t forget you’re doing an activity, so flat shoes and nothing too short is probably best.