Tips for the dudes

  1. Entering A Room

    We know you’re nervous. THEY know you’re nervous. Best way to get through it? A big smile and a friendly greeting. Chat to everyone (your fellow dudes included) and get them onside – this is about meeting PEOPLE – not just potential partners!

  2. The banter (chat)

    Keep it light and breezy, upbeat and positive. Reserve conversations about religion, politics and your ex for a later date – and ASK QUESTIONS. Chicks love talking about themselves (sorry ladies – but you do).

  3. SWAG (grooming and appearance)

    Clothes maketh the man, so dress smart casual in something that makes you feel GOOD and gives you GAME. Have a shave, clip those ear hairs and wear your best boxers... just in case.

  4. Body Language

    Don't fold your arms in front of your chest, slouch or have bad posture. Make eye contact, smile and BE CONFIDENT. Most of us fake it til we make it, so if small talk’s not your thing, focus on being polite and asking questions and the rest will come naturally.

  5. Flirt

    It’s the cat and string theory - too much string (or attention) and the cat gets bored, too little and the cat gets bored. There’s nothing more attractive than the combination of a few (genuine) compliments and a tiny light bit of (light hearted) grief. Remember - manners win every time - no one likes a douchebag who treats women like sh*t.

  6. Be a gentleman
    Be like Don Draper from Mad Men, (easy eh!!) Open doors, be polite, suave and ooze charisma. Project gentlemanly behaviour at all times. Chicks dig that sh*t.

  7. Dont do this...