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Are You All In?

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Check this video out, it explores the dangerous availability and susceptibility of online dating options (Tinder FB). Obviously you have to be sure of what you want in a person that you will potentially fall in love with. But don't take the easy way out by a "dump and run". YOU MUST invest in a new relationship: It will be worth it in the long run....

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Do You Wanna Ride In My Blimp Girl?

When everyone is zigging this guy is zagging, (take note guys). So so funny, funky and catchy. What a LORD, I bet this guy gets all the ladies...

Is Facebook Dating A Worthy Online Dating Option?

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"PERTH singular Maddy works prolonged hours in a city and hasn’t had time to demeanour for love. So she left it adult to a new kind of matchmaker to find her a date. It started with a Facebook crony ask with a lady who calls herself Lucy Date. Lucy is a face of a new use called My Friend’s Friend that sets people adult on blind dates, and doesn’t give we any information about your lady or male crony — solely their initial name. No form pictures, no credentials information, nothing."

Article extract 1 | Article extract 2 (warning: poorly written)

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30 Autumn Mini Date Ideas In Perth (Part 1)

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Planning a date is hard...especially a first date – even more so if you’re dead keen to impress. So how do you get the balance right? There’s a fine line between putting too much effort in (date reads: “desperate”) OR too little effort (guaranteed not to get a second date).

That’s where mini dates come in. What's a mini date you ask? It’s a series of dates within one big date. These mini dates:

  • are a great list of first date ideas
  • will keep your date entertained (win!)
  • give you an out if things get super awkward (simply pull the pin after any of the mini dates).
  • demonstrate your thoughtfulness and effort in a way that should warm your dates heart (ahhh)
  • a clever way to keep the romance alive if you’re already in a relationship.

Most of all it’s fun and that's all you can ask on a date. Go in with no expectations, feel relaxed, be yourself, have a great time and expect nothing.

Disclaimer: These mini dates are predominately north of the river. I have literally no idea about south of the river. This list has barely scratched the surface, there are so many more options. We are always looking to improve and add to these dating ideas (share the love) so hit us up at EMAIL with your feedback and suggestions. Also "date" is either male or female, or male/male, female/female (I'm all for equality). Stay tuned for another 15 in part two. Finally this is not a paid promotion, we just think these places are cool....

Let the dating begin!

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Have You Given Up On Dating?


The Video Above

"Once that seed of doubt's sown, you have to have a strong mind to sort of put it bay and keep it in it's box where it belongs and not let it take charge and rule your mind" and " that self doubt can be come quite over powering and you can become your own worst enemy".

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