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WTF DO I DO She's Coming Over

Shes Coming Over
Making a good first impression of your pad demonstrates to the new gal that you're ll grown up and you give AF. It's a chance to show her you care, but it also shows what kind of man you are. It will also give her a sense of your personality, and your personal responsibility. Don’t blow this chance to impress your date the second she crosses the threshold into your place.
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Best Make Out Spots In Perth

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So you've got your date, you've just finished you're super awesome INSERT DATE ACTIVITY HERE and now it's time to drop him or her home. But you know what's coming and he or she knows too... The first kiss, it's that exchange to know where you stand, if it's a YAY or NAY. It's one of the key indicators so you know there will be a date two. Will it happen? Will it be awkward AF? No one ever really knows for sure, but with a combination of sweaty palms, the right mix of alcohol and a stunning location, anything can happen!

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Stop Getting Super Sweaty Before Your Date

no pong

No Pong is an extremely effective, All Natural, Anti Odourant made from delicious, all natural ingredients, blended together to create a ridiculously effective, sweat resistant, all day deodorant that does exactly what it says on the tin! Guaranteed to be 100% paraben, aluminium, cruelty and plastic free.

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Don't Be A Nice Guy!

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Wait before you fly off the handle, let's rephrase it Don't Be A Nice Guy should be Don't Be A Timid Guy! Or don't be...

behaving or done in an obsequious way in order to gain advantage.
synonyms: obsequious, servile, subservient, deferential, grovelling, toadying, fawning, flattering, ingratiating, cringing, unctuous, oily, slimy, creeping, crawling, truckling, slavish, bowing and scraping, Uriah Heepish, gushing;


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10 Perth Date Hacks

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Are you worried and anxious like shit coz you gotta date coming up AND you have no idea how to present your self or what to do on a date? Well chill! Here's 10 tips you can use to calm the fuck down and potentially get a second date (if you play your cards right...)

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Stage 5 Clingers

So What is Clingy?

Thought Catalogue describes it as: 

“Clingy” has long been deemed as one of the most undesirable traits that could instantly turn off any level of interest. It’s the bomb you drop on the first date if you want to send any dating prospect off to NOPEville. In a nutshell, no one, I repeat, no one wants to be seen as clingy.

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Why lunchtime coffee dates are Bad MMkay

coffee dating in Perth

It’s the quick escape option and leaves no scope for the unexpected, no room to realize you have chemistry and want to continue the date on somewhere else – it’s boring and controlled. A coffee at lunch is like a job interview, lining dates up like potential employees and allowing half an hour to ‘assess’ whether someone fits your dating standards.

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Best WA Postcodes To Pick Up

Best WA Postcodes To Pick Up

Simon Kuestenmacher, director of research at the Demographics Group told Triple J's Hack  that statistically speaking - where you are more likely to find a single man or woman in Australia. "The easiest way to find a lot of single women without much competition, is to go to very fancy suburbs in the inner cities - like Double Bay in Sydney. The richest of the rich." However, "Single men congregate in mining towns, in the wheat belt, the men are staying in their towns to look after the family farm, and in industrial towns."

From Triple J's HACK program

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Why Tinder's Not Working For You

 Perth Dates

There's a perfectly good reason why Tinder's not working for you. New research shows that dating-app algorithms are effectively useless at predicting romantic attraction. A new study in the journal Psychological Science concluded that even the most sophisticated dating-app algorithm is effectively useless when it comes to accurately predicting a romantic match. 

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