Hey Dude - You Lookin Sharp?

Clothes Maketh The Dude...

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If there's anything I've learnt from dating, it's you gotta look sharp. First impressions count and even more so today as apps like Tinder focus on the image rather than the substance. So in order to have success in this department there are a few simple rules you can follow to really rock it like this young buck: Clint Eastwood

How to impress a woman when going out on a date


According to this article

Why dress sharp on a first date? Physical attraction matters — Simply put, women care about appearances and are drawn to healthy, attractive looking men. Clothing covers 90% of your body — if worn correctly it can help you look better by strengthening your positive features and minimizing your less than attractive ones. Also, you've only got one shot to make a first impression, as the saying goes.

Women are weighing you up already and you haven't even spoken to them yet! And look it's not really about you, it's really how to properly present yourself to a woman that could very well be your long term girl friend or potentially your wife. With the right clothing choice you can really boost some of your assets as in, it can exaggerate your best body traits. When you have only two hours or so impress a woman why not put your heart and soul into it and give it your all? I think it shows them that you would put some extra effort into a burgeoning relationship and if you take care of your self, you will take care of her.

And this is a good read too

Wearing stylish clothes is a sign to women that you take pride in yourself across the board. Even if you’re not at your dream job right now, this doesn’t mean you can’t dress for success. Clothes will help you achieve that mindset that will get you there.

Recently I attended a free seminar on how to pick up chicks (hear me out ok) I was there purely to cheekily promote Bowled Over Dating with flyers to these single blokes as that's my target market... You will also be pleased to know that it's not one of those Neil Strauss "the game" type things, otherwise I would have left swiftly. Anyway I digress I stayed in to hear the man speak and from my notes I drew this pie chart...

What women notice when you speak to them on a first date

Whilst this says nothing about dress or what to wear. What it does say is that part of picking up a total babe is that you have to be confident. Therefore if clothes assist or boost that feeling why not wear some nice threads to get you to that level?

So now that I've convinced you to update your wardrobe! A question you have to ask before getting an outfit together is, what are you going to be doing on this first date? This determines what you are going to wear duh... So exercise a little bit of common sense.

No one cares about Autum or Spring, lets be honest, it's either hot or cold!!


According to this Men's Health article

56% of women say, "On the first date, wear something casual but chic. "Show that you put some effort into what you're wearing (it says the date is important to you) but you're not trying too hard (which says that you're desperate or, worse, slick). Slip on jeans and a cool, crisp shirt, and add a structured blazer. Oh, and make the blazer a soft fabric like corduroy, suede, or velvet; it gives her an excuse to touch you.

Ok lets go point form because what dude doesnt like lists? 


  • Another great rule is if the item of clothing is more than two years old - don't wear it. Hell it could be a classic piece that is looked after but its frayed a little? I'm not saying throw all that shit out! Just update go and buy something new so you're wearing something contemporary. No one wants to look like this....

Fashion faux pas what not to do on a first date


bad fashion will not get you laid Perth Dating advice

Perth Stores That Are Alright

I don't get kick backs from these guys but it would be nice! Nevertheless here are a few stores that float my boat

Time To Musk Up

Don't forget fragrance is the hidden accessory and you also don't want to smell like every other guy either. I'd recommend not cheaping out on it either, believe me, ladies know. Warning: don't wear Lynx or worse Old Spice. There's some amazing scents out there like the Tom Ford range but my best advice if you want something signature or have no idea is to go to a specialist perfumery like Mariposa in Mt Lawley – they know what's up.

Wait Don’t Forget Grooming

Grooming details: Clean fingernails, trimmed nose hairs and the tuft of hair growing on the back of your neck — take care of them. Let me be clear — I’m not advocating a wax job on your chest hair. I’m simply saying be well groomed and clean — these little things matter, especially if you expect her to want to get close to you. There's some pretty stylish barbers out there in Perth, book in before you contemplate a date.

What About Your Kicks?

Don't lose out all together and forget to pay any attention to your footwear. Women are all over that too, so get on that! If you're going to wear sneakers, make sure they're clean and classic.

I’ve Read Nothing And Only Seen This Heading...

I have no idea on how to dress on a first date

Well you're in luck - here is Bowled Over Datings Pinterest Page for you to get some ideas. Worst case scenario you go to the shopping centre or a mens wear shop and get them to do it for you? You know like when you go and get your Christmas gifts wrapped at that time of the year!! Maximise your time and get them to help you!

Oh one more last thing: Check your fly...