Eating Healthy Makes You More Attractive


**An opinion piece/guide for men and women to eat healthy

Now I don't know much, and hell I'm no scientist, but what I do know is that eating healthy is one part to achieving personal, business and relationship success. So have a read of this short guide so you can start #cleaneating and start to change your life around for the better...

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This article suggest that Men Who Eat Garlic Are More Attractive To Women.

The study done by a handful of professors in the UK and Prague found that while neither sex is big on the smell of garlic on the breath of a possible mate, when it comes body odour, garlic consumers win. The researchers asked 42 men to eat different types and amount of garlic, then had 82 women sniff the body pads that the men had worn for 12 hours after consuming the garlic. What they found was that while a minimal amount of garlic (six grams) didn’t affect the smell of the pads all that much, when the amounts were increased, the men began to smell better. By the time the men were consuming 12 grams of garlic, the women actually said their smell was even more attractive and somehow less intense than the six grams.

This article suggests you should Eat Foods High In Zinc, as it's necessary for the creation of hormones. Low levels of zinc are connected to lower sexual desire.

Top 5 foods high in zinc

1 - Oysters
2 - Toasted wheat germ
3 - Veal liver - YUK!!!
4 - Lean roast beef
5 - Roasted pumpkin and squash seeds

Lastly this article states that Eating Vegetables Makes Your Skin More Attractive

The research, carried out at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, studied the effects of fruit and vegetable consumption on skin colour. By studying 35 participants over the course of 6 weeks, they found that those eating more of the good stuff displayed a significant increase in the redness and yellowness of their skin.

But lets not start throwing garlic around like dolla' bills at a 50 cent rap video, start consuming ridiculous amounts of zinc and becoming a dirty hippy! Lets just start with a simple plan for you to create good healthy eating habits.

Stop Eating Crap

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An easy habit to implement is to cut out all takeaway food. Drive right past those evil establishments and make something healthy at home. Even prepare your lunch for work the night before?

This also means getting drunk less! yep that's right WTF are you saying man! Well one of my simple theories is that if you're not drunk you're less likely to eat takeaway food from the likes of HJ's or our old mate Mcdonalds. So have a couple of drinks but don't get shit faced and then eat this horrible food that makes you feel worse once you have consumed it. If you are in #struggletown and you need to eat takeaway, here is a good guide of what to eat.

You Can't Out-train A Bad Diet

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This is a hard one to change as I still think I am 22 years old and I can eat anything I want! Now the ripe old age of 37, I have a slower metabolism so I have to think about what I eat before I eat it. Easier said than done, and I am really trying hard to implement this mantra, but it is possible...This article explains it better.

Processed = Sh*t

Have a look at the label on the back if its pumped with chemicals it ain't good for you. It's a cliché but treat your body as a temple! If you are ever unsure and you're out food shopping - get this app on your iphone: Foodditive.

Also eat meals that are colourful! A good friend of mine suggested this little tip and it's an easy one to remember. If the meal doesn't have much colour its not that good for you. A great example is pizza formaggio, it's just one colour - Cheese yellow! So go for something like a big veggie stir fry with all the colours of the rainbow in it. All those different colours mean a plethora of vitamins and minerals you are consuming all in one sitting.

Further to this (and this is purely my opinion) health capsules/pills and all that malarkey are absolute bullshit. Eat greens, as it's the best source of vitamins and minerals... Read this if you disagree.

Do It With A Mate

If they're on board you are less likely to eat their shitty bad meals. Plus you can motivate each other with recipes or do healthy cook offs!

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

So give yourself a break yeh? Don't beat yourself up if you eat some junk food on the weekend. That's OK, at least you are aware of this decision and you know through the week you will get back on track. Hell if you eat five great days and then splurge on the weekend, or have whats called a "cheat day" calm your farm! That's way better than having an awful sporadic poor diet.

Speaking of which, a good way to maintain a good habit is to do some of these things...

You could even follow some inspirational people on Instagram?

In Conclusion

Fat Boy Slim gives zero fucks when it comes to dating

Give it a shot and slowly progress with it and generally you will have more energy, feel better about your self and without even trying passively attract potential mates. Plus I haven't even mentioned exercise within this article, and whilst they are intrinsically linked it deserves another blog post so stayed tuned.

Good luck and may the broccoli be with you!