Complete Tinder Hacks for Men & Women

 Complete Tinder Hacks for Men & Women


I was very usure if I should even finish this article as Tinder really is an arch nemesis. But then I came across a quote...

“There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.” ― Lao Tzu


Whilst Tinder isn't a direct competitor to Bowled Over Dating, at the very least it should be understood. And Yeh yeh yeh I know I am a hypocrite, I have banged on and on about how this app really grinds my gears in previous blog posts, and yes as an old fashioned romantic this app isn't for me. However one cannot deny this is the biggest innovation in dating since Perfect Match!

Look if you're single and ready to flamingle you can't rule anything out. The bigger the net the bigger the catch - right? And sure use in moderation, if your always on this sh*t you're not getting out of the house. That's no good!

As an ex Tinder user (I met so many weirdos) I've had to extensively research the topic "Tinder hacks", and to be honest it's pretty depressing. Lots of contradictory information, lots pickup artists detailing that there is a formulae to it all. All premeditated like Neil Strauss' The Game. It also favours the weird attention seekers, check out my zany profile!! To top it all off what I really learnt was that its 100% fake! I would say even more than facebook. All these bullsh*t strategies to make a good online impression with one goal in mind: #sexyime.

Yes I am very cynical, Tinder really is the digital toilet cubicle scrawl: "for a good time call". So with that in mind IF YOU MUST use this thing use it VERY sparingly, and please take all this advice with a grain of salt.

Then when you're completely over it, come back here and book an event with Bowled Over Dating!


No Bathroom Selfies

Just dont do it!

This article:

Women I spoke to revealed a slew of deal-breakers that included, but were not limited to, guys clutching beers in every single photo (“I don’t drink, so that was a big thing I looked out for,” says Sophie). Frat-like relics from parties, like a ‘wizard staff’ – a towering pole of taped-together beer cans to show how much its holder has drunk – had one friend swiping left so hard her fingers practically got whiplash. Completely naked pictures are both creepy and mystifying – how, oh how, did they manage to get past Facebook’s schoolmarmish ban on nudity? A main picture of a souped-up car is unacceptable, “unless you’re a transformer,” says my friend. And the dreaded bathroom selfie with that telltale orb of light glinting under the armpit is “a total turnoff – no matter how flat your abs are.”

Your Pic

Is everything...

This article:

OKCupid got curious. They conducted some lengthy data analysis, examining the way people rank users based on their photographs and text. Turns out the text – including painstakingly crafted descriptions that show you’re funny and cool, but normal and relatable, and maybe even a little bit vulnerable, but not clingy, mind you – counts for less than 10 per cent of what people think of you when looking at your profile. “So, your picture is worth that fabled thousand words,” writes Rudder, “but your actual words are worth… Almost nothing.” Ouch.

But Pls Don't Be Creepy...


super creepy Tinder profiles Perth

You Gotta Dog?

Seriously the girls will go wild! #science 

Be This Guy (But not As sleazy)

Andy Mizrahi Is a 28-year-old divorcé, and he's the most right-swiped man on Tinder in the entire state of New Jersey. "I'm really good with women. It's awesome," he tells us. Mizrahi, who was also featured in People magazine as one of the sexiest men on Tinder, tells us how he became the most desired man in his state.

Unlimited Likes Without Tinder Plus! #hack


More Tips Here

GQ has a good wrap up


Andy Mizrahi (A Bit Douchey... But Some Tips Nonetheless)

He's the most right-swiped man on Tinder in New Jersey. The local heartthrob tells us what women are doing wrong on the dating app — and what they need to do to have the optimal Tinder profile.


Don't Have Pics Of Your Ex


This article says

if you’re all snuggled up with a man in your photo, he should be so obviously gay that rainbows are shooting out of his ass or so old that he obviously can’t get it up.

Use It Without Facebook

This article states:

Tinder is doing everything to maintain your privacy and prevent that from happening, but there’s still the possibility that one of these things could haunt you:

>>Tinder post to your Facebook account being seen by your friends and family
>>friends spying on the apps that are linked to your Facebook 
>>Random strangers stalking you from Tinder and finding your Facebook profile.

Unless You Have A Child, Don’t Add A Child


All this picture does is make me have to stop and read your bio. Most of the time you had to take the time to write, “That’s my nephew.” Why waste everyone’s time and a good bio line? Yea, so don’t.

No Bio is a No Go

This article says

An empty bio says you aren’t committed to the dating app. You are just browsing for random hook-ups or sexting pals.

Some Final Tips Here

Take it with a grain of salt...

And This Is Why Tinder Sux