How To Be Sexier


Get A Hero

So what is a hero?

A person, typically a man or woman, who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

So what am I proposing? If you have someone you admire, it's a a great way to embody their positive characteristics. This not only great for your self, but your general dating life. Best of all Its not complete bullshit either, these articles attest to it.

As an example one of my heros is Casey Neistat as he embodies the entrepreneur, good work ethic, wunderlust, strong moral fibre, creativity, sense of purpose and positivity. I religiously watch his videos everyday to see what hes up to. He inspires me to be more driven, he constantly pushes my comfort boundaries. He even makes me run even harder! (He's successfully completed 8 marathons, after being told he could never run again). Lastly and most importantly he makes me really evaluate time and how not to waste it.

Casey really resonates with my soul. His positivity is infectious and he compels me to be a better person. I emulate him and I often ask myself "what would Casey do" and without a doubt its always a derisive affirmative outcome. It's all about tiny self improvement to create a consistent positive demeanour. By doing all this I really feel it makes me into a better person. When you're feeling better about your self, you're more attractive, and when you're more attractive YOU GOT GAME!

So you may be thinking “I don't have a hero?” Well no need to stress, it doesn’t have to be a you tube sensation, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Mother Teresa. Its an entirely personal choice. it could be someone closer to home. Your mum, your dad or even your friend? If your struggling check out this article here

A hero / Heroine is someone who has

  1. Passion and Ability to Inspire
  2. Clear Set of Values
  3. Commitment to Community
  4. Selflessness and Acceptance of Others
  5. Ability to Overcome Obstacles

So thats it! Its a really easy life hack to make you more kick ass. Have a look around for someone to look up to and it will have dramatic change in your personal and dating life!

heres a few more awesome videos below that tickle my pickle. Also as a side note my dear old Dad: John Carter is still and always will be a personal hero to me...