30 Autumn Mini Date Ideas In Perth (Part 1)

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Planning a date is hard...especially a first date – even more so if you’re dead keen to impress. So how do you get the balance right? There’s a fine line between putting too much effort in (date reads: “desperate”) OR too little effort (guaranteed not to get a second date).

That’s where mini dates come in. What's a mini date you ask? It’s a series of dates within one big date. These mini dates:

  • are a great list of first date ideas
  • will keep your date entertained (win!)
  • give you an out if things get super awkward (simply pull the pin after any of the mini dates).
  • demonstrate your thoughtfulness and effort in a way that should warm your dates heart (ahhh)
  • a clever way to keep the romance alive if you’re already in a relationship.

Most of all it’s fun and that's all you can ask on a date. Go in with no expectations, feel relaxed, be yourself, have a great time and expect nothing.

Disclaimer: These mini dates are predominately north of the river. I have literally no idea about south of the river. This list has barely scratched the surface, there are so many more options. We are always looking to improve and add to these dating ideas (share the love) so hit us up at EMAIL with your feedback and suggestions. Also "date" is either male or female, or male/male, female/female (I'm all for equality). Stay tuned for another 15 in part two. Finally this is not a paid promotion, we just think these places are cool....

Let the dating begin!

1 - Ten Pin Mini Date

Feel free to mix this one up, you may have to do food first as no one wants a "HANGRY" date. All your jokes will bomb and your date will straight up despise you... #getemfedfirst

  1. Ten pin bowling At Rosemount Bowl (the best bowling place in Perth)
  2. Eat some nice burgers at the Rosemount
  3. Have a cocktail at the Classroom

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2 - Mini Mini Golf Date

Mini golf takes around 30 minutes to an hour and it's available at night too which is a massive win (but just google it up first yeh?)

  1. Mini golf at Wembley Golf Course
  2. Post game, get in your trusty steed and meet your date and or take him or her to the Boulevard
  3. Pre order and pickup Pizza on Cambridge and go to City beach to get some DnMs in

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3 - Mini Lawn Bowls Date

Everyone loves lawn bowls, and best of all if you suck, no one gives a toss!!

  1. Lawn Bowls at Leederville Bowls Club
  2. Then over the pedestrian bridge to Leederville and grab a beverage/eats at The Garden or Bills Bar
  3. Hot chocolate / coffee and cake at Greens and Co

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4 - Mini Boccie Date

Give your date the heads up on the total plan, coz meeting your date at a park is well dodgy. You will need Boccie Balls / Picnic Blanket and Connect 4.

  1. Meet your date at Charles Court Reserve (and if the date thinks boccie is lame get the Connect 4 board out and sit out on the jetty. This is your back up plan: YOU'RE WELCOME!!)
  2. After that's done and dusted head to Steve's Bar for a drink (if they're "hangry" head straight to Varsity and switch it up)
  3. Then walk to Varsity Burger Nedlands

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5 - Mini Motorbike Date

Safety first! And ask the date if they're ok with it. Also both of you SHOULD wear the ALL the right gear, gloves, 2 x helmets, proper kevlar jeans, boots and don't ride like its stolen, you have precious cargo on board. 250CC Minimum, wash and clean your bike the weekend before and make sure it's tip top (safety wise). This is an option only for the adrenalin types.

  1. Take your date on the back of your motorbike, best to pick them up from their house (if you have permission of course)
  2. Ride to Little Creatures Fremantle enjoy some tasty gritz and stay off the booze, be sharp and alert OK!
  3. Go to the Fremantle Ferris Wheel for hella romantic times

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30 Date Ideas on a Motorbike Perth

6 - Mini Cheese Date

Great for a date that's obsessed with cheese, but then again who isn't?

  1. Start at the Guildford Hotel and order something to eat there, lunch maybe?
  2.  Next is the Little Cheese Shop to have a grand ol time (just check closing times)
  3.  Then proceed to Swallow Bar for a nice cocktail to finish (you will need a car for this one)

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7 - Mini Perth Hills Date

You will need a chopping board / a small paring knife / some paper towels / 2 x forks / hand sanitiser and water. Plus, you are venturing into Midland it's a good thing you have a small paring knife... (JOKING!!)

  1. Grab a coffee at Crooked Spire (hands down best cafe in that region)
  2. Walk to the markets near the Midland town square (on a Sunday morning I believe) buy some mangoes or some nice fruit and drive to the ZIG ZAG
  3. When at the said "ZIG ZAG" get out the chopping board, chop up the fruit, sit on a rock and look at the view. BAM!

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8 - Mini Healthy AF Hippy Vegan Date

Perfect those people who are really difficult and prefer a soy latte over a scotch and dry. Pack the necessities: some cool water / hat / sunscreen and a picnic blanket as you'll be eating, walking and meditating...

  1. Go to the Perfect Pantry (get there early on a Saturday or Sunday, this place seriously fills up, the food is delicious)
  2. Once completely stuffed move your vegan ass by going for a little walk to see swans and sh*t in their natural habitat etc. I'm talking about Herdsman Lake, and don't bring bread you will look like a total douche. 
  3. Find a quiet place and meditate together if it's not too weird? Or just sit n chat? (will leave this up to your own discretion)

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9 - Mini Swan Valley Date

No brainer its wine tasting, but top tip: taste don't skull...

  1. Start at the Margaret River Chocolate Factory and gorge yourself on the free chocolate at the door
  2.  Head along West Swan Road to a few wineries, they're heavily sign posted so you won't miss em
  3.  Double back and get a coffee from Yahava chat about the perils of tinder dating and how Margaret River has the best damn wine in the world

 30 Autumn Mini Date Ideas In Perth

30 Date Ideas for the Swan Valley 

10 - Mini Kings Park Movie Date

Shit you need is a fully charged laptop / champagne / champagne glasses / ice / esky / a picnic blanket / pillows / chocolate / strawberries or a light snack? Also pick a movie that you will both enjoy a neutral one... Don't pick Silence of the Lambs, idiot.

  1. Pick a suitable location that encompasses the view, and that is also without kids and dogs. Then set up the laptop on the esky and get all your malarkey sorted before or when your date arrives. Watch the sunset #superromantic
  2. Pop some champagne and play a movie like Ferris Buellers Day Off (stone cold classic)
  3. End with the DNA tower looking at the city eating chocolate. Don't expect kissy kissy, but if it does happen, hi 5 yourself quietly inside your head.

30 Autumn Date Ideas In Perth

11 - Mini Elizabeth Quay Date

This is 100% SWAG well Long Chim makes it SWAG anyway (apologies in advance if SWAG isn't a word anymore)

  1. Go to Long Chim (you're gonna have to book, it's friggin amazing though)
  2. Have a drink at Embargo Bar
  3. Then stroll to the Elizabeth Quay bridge - its super super romantic

 Autumn Mini Date Ideas In Perth

12 - Mini Mt Lawley Hipster Date

For the budget savvy...

  1. A pizza and a pint at the Scotto (on Sunday's its well cheap)
  2. Then Ice cream at Ibiza N2
  3. Walk together, maybe try holding hands to Late Night Valentines and have a dance? #bigmove

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13 - Mini Park Date

Think outside the normal dating realm for this one, but give your date the heads up. Don't pick a park that has a sex pest element to it, or the creepy serial killer element to it, you don’t want those vibes. Pick a nice one with families etc. Best to do this in the afternoon too, don't do this at night you weirdo.

Stuff you need: park / board games / napkins / wet wipes / picnic rug / no wind!

  1. Pick a park and meet date at park
  2. Order UBER EATS
  3. Play board games, grab a chess board or snakes and ladders (one of your favourite board games) and proceed

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14 - Mini I'm Freaking The HELL Out Don't Wanna Commit Type Person Coffee Date

Whatever you do not speak from the heart and always keep 30cm away at all times. HAHA

  1. Meet at Gordon Street Garage
  2. In your head assess if this can go any further and over think everything they say... I MEAN EVERYTHING! (JOKING!!!)
  3. Take it nice and easy and just relax, nothing bad will happen OK? (This isn't really a mini date this was only added as Gordon Street Garage is really cool)

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 30 Date Ideas that include Coffee

15 - Mini Zoo Date

If your date isn't an animal person, just don't date them period. Everyone loves animals.

  1. Meet at the Perth Zoo spend about half an hour to an hour there looking and pointing... Head straight to fluffy baby animals as they're a winner. Avoid any animals on heat as that will be super awkward
  2. Once done walk to Mends street and grab a croissant / coffee at La Patisserie
  3. Jump on the ferry and go to The Reveley for some eats n drinks

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Stay tuned for part 2!