30 Autumn Mini Date Ideas In Perth (Part 2)

 30 Date Ideas in Perth

Continuing on from the first date article here, this is the rest of the 15 to make up that good old 30 of "mini date ideas:"... Enjoy! 

16 - Mini Massage Date

Tell your date you are meeting for a massage but its not to massage each other, its at one of those ones at a shopping centre. Hell you could choose somewhere better, but these are a "light" version, its not a full on towel and robe ordeal. This mini date needs total transparency. You don't want them weirding out about this sh*t.

  1. Here's one in the Garden City Shopping centre
  2. Afterwards go to Clancy's Fish Pub for some eats
  3. Then the Raffles for a beverage

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17 - Mini Paddle Date

This is super cool but if your date is weird about water and shit (they might shit bricks about swimming), don't push this on em. You will need a towel / picnic blanket / 2 pillows.

  1. Pre book with Paddle Club (not sure where it starts and where it finishes sorry, but no doubt it will be near the swan)
  2. Lie on a blanket at Langley park and re-f*cking-lax 
  3. Go and chill even more at a coffee shop, get something to eat and reminisce about the paddling expedition

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18 - Mini Pool Date

This is not H20 but the game of pool.

  1. Meet at the lovely Hummus Club (that's really hard to text too: "Hummus" thank god for auto spell, also don't be a plebe, book before hand)
  2. Next is Pot Black in Northbridge
  3. Roll onto Ezra Pound

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30 Perth Date Ideas

19 - Mini Street Art Tour Date

Requires some planning, but it's taken care of from Oh Hey WA. WARNING 3rd Wheel Element from host (but the host is cool anyways).

  1. Book for two people at Oh Hey WA and enjoy a street art tour of Perth
  2. Depending on where it finishes, get something to eat in the city say Bivouac 
  3. Then have a drink at Young Love Mess Hall

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20 - Mini Plant A Tree Date

This one requires you to go to Bunnings beforehand to buy two small native trees. The idea is a bit guerrilla... planting tree's in a vacant block or some place that looks well sh*t. It's basically beautifying that area for everyone to use. Check 

 if you have no idea what we're talking about.

Pack a shovel / gloves / a little bag of soil / a watering can / some water / some hand sanitiser / a towel to brush dirt off / and anything else we've missed. It's a pretty out there kinda date that's not for everyone but what it shows off is your creativity plus doing a task together brings a team effort which helps you bond.

  1. Go to sh*tty run down location that the council clearly doesn't give a flying f*ck about
  2. Plant tree, laugh and discuss how absurd this is... "what are we doing here?" and "Um this feels naughty"
  3. Get a innocent milkshake or coffee somewhere and discuss how bad ass you are

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21 - Mini 90's Hip Hop Date

90s hip hop / funk is my total jam, so if you are a good dancer. Why not show off your dance moves? This is assuming you are a good dancer. If you suck please do not pick this option. 

  1. Have a light dinner and don't smash the pints coz you're about to get jiggy with it #meninblack
  2. Obviously check FB n Google first) Word on the street is that these establishments do a good ol 90's Hip hop at Jack Rabbit Slims / Mint Nightclub / The Game / The Manor / Mad Dogs Jungle Bar (although more a bar than a dance floor) / Tigerlils
  3. Go for a coffee / milkshake or drink at the Moon and talk about the days when it was 2pac vs Biggie #90s

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22 - Mini Americano Date

Great for American ex pats! This has the potential of impressing the sh*t out of said "date", but may also burn a hole in your wallet/purse.

  1. Start at Side Door BBQ for meat sweats then UBER or drive to...
  2. Decanter in Vic Park for a wee drink or Varnish on King
  3. Stay at either bar because you are too full to move #foodcoma

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23 - Mini Video Games Date

If you're both gaming nerds, why not celebrate it with some Double Dragon or Final Fight?

  1. Start at the Nostalgia Box as the last session is about 4pm (advisable to book first)
  2. Then go to Lucky Chan's Laundry & Noodlebar for some damn good food
  3. Round it out with a cocktail from Mechanics Institute

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30 Date Ideas that include Video Games

24 - Mini I'm Lazy AF And Don't Want To Walk Around Too Much In Northbridge Date

You lazy sod...

  1. Pleased to meet you (dinner)
  2. Drink at The Standard
  3. Drink at Sneaky Tony's

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24 - Mini I Really Am Lazy AF And Don't Want To Walk Around Too Much In The City Date

Wow just WOW....

  1. Brookfield place is the ticket, have a look here and choose your mini date options? OR start at the Trustee
  2. Then Bob's Bar (you will have to walk upstairs so prepare haha)
  3. Then a wee hop, skip and a jump to Lalla Rookh for some dessert?

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26 - Mini Food Festival Date

Let's face it, food festivals are prolific in Perth so why not go to one together?

  1. Pick a decent food festival and go! Look one up on Urban List (they know what's going on)
  2. Once knackered, chill in the car with some ice cream
  3. DnMs in car (your choice, or talk about the weather) and then drive home

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27 - Mini Bike Date

Either borrow two bikes or hire them and start from the city. Obviously wear suitable clothes for this mini date. Pack some sandwiches and bring some water too.

  1. You can hire a bike from Gecko Bike Hire or the Cycle Centre. Ride along the swan heading towards UWA and spot dolphins along the way (keep your eyes on the bike path though)
  2. Stop at UWA where that super cool koi pond is, right near Winthrop Hall have a squiz and eat some sandwiches
  3. Head back and have 'regretti spaghetti' (lament) the decision of riding in the first place

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28 - Mini F*ck This Sunset Is #amaze No Booze Date

Go to freo at about 3pm Saturday or Sunday

  1. Start at TIMEZONE and pick some two player games. Then wash your hands furiously as you're about to eat food, you grot.
  2. Head straight to Cicerello's in Fremantle (the best god damn fish n chips in Fremantle). Grab these battered delights with some coke (trust us it will help) and take them to the jetty or somewhere nice that's all romantic and sh*t. Watch that sunset, devour grease, point and discuss how #blessed we are and how #fremantle is #beautiful. (don't forget napkins for yo greasy mitts)
  3. Finish with a stroll through the park, arm in arm if you dare and go for ice-cream at Dolce Vita

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30 Date Ideas that are fast and easy

29 - Mini Go Kart Date

Again give the date the heads up on activity as this dictates dress, and to test the water if the date is keen for it. YOU WILL MESS UP HAIR, so best be honest about that before you begin. If you have spare helmets bring them along them as they're a lot nicer than the rentals supplied... 

  1. Pick up date and drive to Kart World Belmont
  2. After that's all done and dusted on the Precinct for some eats
  3. Finish with ridiculously good desserts and coffee at The Imp

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30 - Mini West Coast Drive Walky Walks Date

This ones for the straighty 180's (100% pure cats, no booze or drugz, the kind of person that's never smoked cigarettes or weed in their life or done anything illegal) so its all responsible and PG rated AF. Ya feel me?

  1. Meet at North Beach Deli have a coffee, something light to eat, and be really awkward and flirty like sexed up silly adolescents
  2. Go for a walk and head to Hillary's Boat Harbour talk about the sea, Rottnest, swimming, surfing, the beauty of it all. DO NOT TALK ABOUT RELIGION, POLITICS, EXE'S, TRUMP, FAVE SEX MOVES, AILMENTS
  3. Finish at Hillary's Boat Harbour and relax on a bench and have a nice cool drink at one of the cafes. Gather yourselves and either top it all off with a trip to AQWA or walk back. And if you really cant be assed get an UBER back to your car(s)

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