Hater Dater

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Hater Dater gives you over 3,000 topics—from cargo pants to Trump—to cast your vote on and then matches you with like-minded haters. So now you can chat about your all-consuming hatred of slow walkers and why we should rid the world of them instead of trying to kick things off with a cheesy ol’ pick up line. Because honestly, what brings people together more than some good old fashion bitching?

It’s similar to Tinder in that you both have to swipe right on each other before you officially match—so no need to worry about harassment from the crazies—but when you do match you get to play a game provided by the app to break the ice, but really we don’t think you’ll need it. The fact that they hate minivans too will be enough to get the conversation flowing.

Above extract courtesy of The Urban List, read more here.

An interesting concept that has its own niche which is very clever. However It all sounds pretty American, and like Bumble / Tinder and the other myriad of dating apps, will it create a meaningful connection or just a hookup? Hating everything is can be hilarious and fun but after a while it can also be a pretty tiresome and negative. No one likes a negative nancy, that's not attractive. Put another way this app doesn't start the potential relationship off in a â€‹positive light.

One should also not â€‹forget that once the couple have made arrangements to meet up, the conversation must be face to face instead of a f$%^ng phone!! That's one of the hardest parts actual human interaction: small talk with the opposite sex. This is something an app can never teach, which is why Bowled Over Dating rules, as it forces human interaction... It's a dying skill.

Anyway, its a great idea, but it's not for Bowled Over Dating.