What Do You Do When You Get A D*(k Pic?

 what to do when you get a dick pic when online dating


Frustrated single woman Madi Kohn, a university student in the US state of Arizona, was sick of receiving random d*** pics on Tinder. She updated her bio on the dating application to make it clear that any unwanted snapshots of a man’s junk would be forwarded to their mums.The X-rated photograph was sent to her via Instagram, which Ryan could’ve only found on her Tinder profile. His account on the photo-sharing service contained his full name. Although, since Kohn’s actions went viral, his profile is now blank. Using that and his location, she tracked down Ryan’s Facebook and with some “stalking”, located his mother.

This article was recently inspired by a woman who forwards dick pics the boy's mothers!!!! Personally we don't think this is gentlemanly behaviour. It's ​super risky, weird and​ crass​...That is when it's unsolicited and the first thing that's said on Tinder. Sexting is fine however when both parties agree to it.

So what happens when you get a la peen via sms? Well there are two options...

  1. If its not cool, please read on
  2. If its cool, this article is a waste of time!


A psychology professor at Harvard University attempted to unpick the threads of the practice in a blog post. He said it could be motivated by exhibitionism, or cognitive biases evolved to help with reproduction. But “the most likely explanation”, he wrote, “is that men are simply misperceiving women’s interest in receiving photos of their junk”. 

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So apparently it's all a game?

The harrasment aspect is weirdly hot to some dudes “I think that 'lashing out' towards women on online dating sites, whether harmless annoyance or genuine harassment, is caused by being ignored so thoroughly by so many women. After a while, women on these sites aren't people with feelings; they're just thousands of profiles who all seem to dislike you for completely unknown reasons. Dick pics are, I think, a very specific form of this harassment — probably from guys who are more on the narcissistic side and perhaps overly confident about their bodies... The end goal of this little game is to elicit some kind of reaction — good, bad, or otherwise.” - Male, 29

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Basically, sussing it out...

Yeah, I've sent ‘rude' picture messages, but only ever to someone I was dating (and we had talked about it before). I don't really know why guys do it unsolicited. I guess it's a way to instigate sexual activity quickly. It's a turn-on for them even if it isn't for the woman.
— Carm, 21 

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So What Do You Do?

Remain calm, this website reccomends...

I know taking a deep breath and carefully crafting your response is not the first thing you'll think about when the image of the head, shaft, and jungle of pubes at the base appears on your screen. But it's imperative to not let the dick pic scare you or anger you. Your next steps could be the factor in changing this animal's life, for the better.

Other Tips (pardon the pun)