Why Tinder's Not Working For You

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There's a perfectly good reason why Tinder's not working for you. New research shows that dating-app algorithms are effectively useless at predicting romantic attraction. A new study in the journal Psychological Science concluded that even the most sophisticated dating-app algorithm is effectively useless when it comes to accurately predicting a romantic match. 

For the study, participants answered more than 100 questions about their personality traits and preferences in a partner, then mingled with participants of the opposite sex in a series of four-minute speed dates. The subjects graded each interaction after it happened, noting both their level of interest in and sexual attraction to the person they’d met.

Meanwhile, the authors used an advanced algorithm to predict the outcomes of each pairing based on the participants’ initial questionnaires —and failed miserably. So miserably, in fact, that they couldn’t identify even a single pattern within the answers that would determine whether two people would hit it off. In other words, no preexisting data about romantic preferences could actually predict romantic desire. Likability, yes. But attraction? Not so much.

The value of dating apps, then, is that they basically provide you access to a pool of compatible and (presumably) available partners. They’ll send you the ocean, but will ultimately give no other leads on your fish.

In essence a shit load of potential "mates" with no specific matching, don't believe the bullshit from E harmony. They can't even get it right!! It's what I suspected, love is random and it can't be predicted, therefore one should get out there and try everything without putting any weight to it and not to take it too seriously.

From my personal experience​ ​Tinder was a lot of fun, however I met a lot of crazee's just up for a "good time" #winkwinknudgenudge if you know what I mean! Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that, it's just that the older I get, the less I wanted to sleep around and look for something more meaningful and long term.​ Ultimately It wasn't for me​.

Good news for Bowled Over Dating, you can gauge a prospective partner a lot quicker in person (face to face), and worst case you have a great time and you don't beat yourself up for watsing time on crap dates. #gratuitousselfpromotio

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