Why lunchtime coffee dates are Bad MMkay

coffee dating in Perth

It’s the quick escape option and leaves no scope for the unexpected, no room to realize you have chemistry and want to continue the date on somewhere else – it’s boring and controlled. A coffee at lunch is like a job interview, lining dates up like potential employees and allowing half an hour to ‘assess’ whether someone fits your dating standards.

Sure, it takes meeting someone to find out if there is chemistry, and people meet for a coffee because they don’t want to invest unnecessary time and money in a person they aren’t interested in seeing again, but, when someone suggests coffee, let alone a lunchtime one, it implies they’re already preparing the getaway before you’ve even met.

Intersting perspective, we see both angles here, and we don't see it as being that bad... I guess if you're worried about wasting time and money. Perhaps try something different that's both fun and also a get out of jail card if you dont want to continue?

  1. Mini golf?
  2. A slice of pizza on a picnic rug at kings park?
  3. Or pick one of these mini date options?
  4. Be imaginative and don't put a time frame on it

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