Stop Getting Super Sweaty Before Your Date

no pong

No Pong is an extremely effective, All Natural, Anti Odourant made from delicious, all natural ingredients, blended together to create a ridiculously effective, sweat resistant, all day deodorant that does exactly what it says on the tin! Guaranteed to be 100% paraben, aluminium, cruelty and plastic free.

It's not often we use a product that's really f*cking awesome, and NO PONG delivers. A solution for all of us who've sweated profusely on dates coz you're all nervous n sh*t. As stated above aluminium free, all natural, doesn't stink and lasts all day and night. NO JOKE, all you need to do is apply a small pea like quantity under your pits and it lasts the whole day/night. Without you stinking like a 6:30pm office worker on the Mandurah line!!

Other deodorants really suck hard compared to this, we don't use anything else. We profoundly recommend this so much so this blog post is a non paid advertisement, we just love it that much we had to share...