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By Being Confident!

Sorry that was a bit click baity but it all ties in! If you've have been living under a rock JABLINSKI GAMES (Jack Black) has been killing it on youtube, so much so that he's up to 3.6 Million subscribers and he's only been on the platform for around a month.

Anyway we digress, have a look at this important video below if you're just after some tweaks to your repertoire or a total refresh to your persona. We thought it was very insightful and helpful to dating in Perth wether you're a guy or a girl. As everyone knows "confidence is king" and can make or break a first impression.

The important take aways to focus on are...

  1. Being comfortable in your own skin
  2. Own your flaws
  3. Do it with commitment
  4. Comfortably complimenting other people
  5. Burning people as a character but lets do another one as we're not that much of a fan: Focus on posture and stand like a winner

Go forth and conquer that intimidating room and crush that forthcoming first date!! (Not literally though). Here's some more men focused articles on the subject, but we would say they're still relevant to both sexes, for some light reading before bed.

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