Win Someone Over In 5 Seconds

convo blog post

Two really great videos on how to have better conversation at Perth speeddating from the god: Mathew Hussey. This works for both guys and girls in the Perth singles scene. 


The takeaways are... 

1. The suspense Opener

You need to captivate them by adding a pause, and building the suspense. Plus you're generating your own thoughts and allowing your questions to form. EG: Somebody tells you what they do for example... you then say "So let me ask you this... PAUSE or "OK I have a question for you"

2. Teasing Compliment

Compliment and a have a playful interaction

3. Make Somebody Else the Expert

Allow them to be the mouthpiece to that particular subject they re passionate about. Be authentic and don't make out like you know everything. Be humble earnest and honest, make them feel like the expert. Being honest about what you don't know builds peoples egos and makes you feel connected to what they're saying.

4. A Checklist of Conversational Starters

The why is important and this is what makes you look truly interesting...

  1. Favourite movie and why?
  2. Favourite place in the world and why?
  3. Something new you learnt?
  4. Bucket list Item (something you want to do) and why?
  5. Character revealing item (whats a story that you tell on a date that tells something about you) Always go armed with a great story.
  6. In demand: which means something that makes you look desired or wanted (IE a you're a exclusive item that will be snapped up!) for example. "You know what I love...The way you approached me, because the way all guys normally approach me is this..." It makes you look like you're always approached (in demand) without saying explicitly that guys approach me all the time.