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My name is Sam and I've just started a new business called Bowled Over Dating. It’s been a long, rocky road and I’ve procrastinated a bit. I dragged my feet with the website, but busy lad and all round legend Ryan smashed it out between managing his job, two wee kids and home extensions. Being a perfectionist doesn’t help, but I kept going, once you have a good idea you have to follow it through, right? Life is short - JUST DO IT!


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Sam Carter




WHY? Well, I want to be successful like my heroes Richard Branson and that bloke from The Entourage - Jack Delosa - and make a shit tonne of cash. But, my motives are honourable too, I’m here to help people get out and meet new folk the good old fashioned way – in person.


While our online game is strong, we all understand that it's a cloak, a disguise, a representation we sculpt and manufacture to show off our life’s best bits. I firmly believe that social media, dating apps and online dating are all introverted BS. The real test is approaching people, talking to the opposite or same sex (however you swing) in real life. You’ve got nothing to hide. Bowled Over Dating is here to help people get out there, have a good time and converse with those that tickle your pickle. It's like a little push off the diving board…


Our online obsession is destroying the way we interact with others. You don't have to front up to people anymore. Don't call - just text, don't give a gift - wish them a Happy Birthday on the ’book. Don't go out and talk to girls - just swipe your thumb left or right while you’re riding the bus. My philosophy? Banter, good conversation, a little ‘game’, compassion, love, kindness, and passion are for the long haul, and if you don't have real life interaction, you ain’t got nowhere to show those qualities off!


David Beckham on how to dress well speed dating perth

David Beckham - so suave.. JUST LOOK AT HIM!!


Bowled Over Dating was born out of a crap experience some time ago. I went to a speed dating event at a popular Perth bar. I arrived and immediately felt like a leper. WHY AM I DOING THIS? WHY! IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME? I was timid, afraid, and felt like a piece of sh*t. I didn't want be around the rest of these freakin’ losers. Now, I know that’s not fair – they’re probably all really nice people, I just felt crap being there. The hosts didn't give a f*ck and didn't make me feel welcome or comfortable. I repeated my ‘who I am’ story 10 times, handed over $60 and went home feeling more ripped off (and alone) than riding the Ferris Wheel by myself at The Royal Show.


first date comic meme

Unfortunately this was my experience...


Don't get me wrong - speed dating can be successful. I just want to be around people who care about their mates, their guests, and are committed to ensuring people are having a good time! If you put your hand up to be a host, do it well FFS... hear me?


Moral of the story is, I'm here to make a change and to do it well. Bowled Over Dating is like the Nissan GTR to Bathurst, (guys will get that) the Grilled to the Whopper, the Tiffany's to the… ah… other jewellery (best I could do ladies) - I think you get the picture.


We don't do shitty dinners, boat cruises, or single cooking classes. What we DO promise is a good time with some nice people throwing black balls down a lane. Maybe you’ll meet the man or woman of your dreams, but worst case scenario you get out of the house and meet some new people (and away from that damn computer screen).


I’ll write more informative stuff about dating in the coming months, and less ranty-mc-rants. This is just a little insight into to the business and my mindset. I’m just a positive person who wants to do something different and change the world one set of balls at a time...


Like the cut of my jib? BOOK NOW and see ya soon! Events are over here and if you’re still thinking WTF then FAQ's are here