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Eating Healthy Makes You More Attractive


**An opinion piece/guide for men and women to eat healthy

Now I don't know much, and hell I'm no scientist, but what I do know is that eating healthy is one part to achieving personal, business and relationship success. So have a read of this short guide so you can start #cleaneating and start to change your life around for the better...

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The 3 A's Of Awesome...

An awesome video that promotes positivity and overcoming the heavy stuff that life throws at you. Whatever the situation focus on these three things

  • Attitude - Always have a great one
  • Awareness - Appreciate the small wonders in your world
  • Authenticity - Be yourself


Hey Dude - You Lookin Sharp?

Clothes Maketh The Dude...

**A heterosexual's guide

If there's anything I've learnt from dating, it's you gotta look sharp. First impressions count and even more so today as apps like Tinder focus on the image rather than the substance. So in order to have success in this department there are a few simple rules you can follow to really rock it like this young buck: Clint Eastwood

How to impress a woman when going out on a date

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Welcome To Bowled Over Dating


My name is Sam and I've just started a new business called Bowled Over Dating. It’s been a long, rocky road and I’ve procrastinated a bit. I dragged my feet with the website, but busy lad and all round legend Ryan smashed it out between managing his job, two wee kids and home extensions. Being a perfectionist doesn’t help, but I kept going, once you have a good idea you have to follow it through, right? Life is short - JUST DO IT!


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Sam Carter



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