Perth singles events can be soooo freakin stale, boring AF and downright tacky. That’s why we reckon Lawn Bowls is a good diversion to this whole dating jive. Its super chill and best of all its not just for your grandma and old RSL cats, it's hella vintage cool and a great catalyst for peeps to meet and mingle!

Imagine…the sun is setting, there’s cheap beers and a relaxing game on the grass where noone cares if you botch your bowl. It's Faith no more - Easy Like Sunday Morning. It's a place to take this whole meeting Perth singles business not so seriously at all.

Specifically, our unique Lawn Bowls events include:

  • A free drink
  • Some delectable food
  • Impeccable event hosting (so you're not nervous or left feeling like an outsider!)
  • 1 to 2 hours playing a few games of bowls
  • Good-natured ice breaker games that are like something from your year 8 orientation. Ah, the nostalgia!

Overall, a jam packed fun afternoon that doesn't feel like a god-awful way to meet Perth singles.

You got nothin’ to lose and everything to gain! Try something that's never been done before in the dating realm - trust us you will be smiling for days!

Bowled Over Dating – setting the scene for Perth Singles!

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