What is a "Pop Up" dating event? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!! It's so hot right now! “Best single night ever” (someone said once to somebody, we heard – we think). Well, it's an event that's a bit of a one off, just like a flaky tinder date only better!

It’s just not what you are used to - a one off dating event that has a certain activity to keep everyone amused and to stimulate conversation and sometimes attraction (if you play your cards right, pardon the pun – Cards Of Humanity that is!).

Our Pop Up events include:

  • 1-2 hours of entertainment and new connections
  • superior event hosting
  • a complimentary drink****(depending on particluar events)
  • some savoury eats
  • the chance to win some WAK prizes

All in all, what you get is an epicly well organised dating event that offers an exclusive experience and not just another run-of-the-mill Perth singles nightmare.

We are the experts in games-related pop up events made specifically for all you single cats out there! We dare you to give us a shot!

Bowled Over Dating - singles events worth popping out for.

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