Pop Up

So what is a "Pop Up" dating event? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!! It's so hot right now! Well it's a category that's a one off just like a flaky tinder date. It only comes around once in a blue moon and it's game related. Just not what you are use to (mini golf, lawn bowls or ten pin). It's dating events that have an certain activity to keep everyone amused and to stimulateĀ conversationĀ and most of all attraction.

What it will include is roughly one to two hours of meeting compelling cool people, superior event hosting, a complimentary drink, some savoury eats and a chance to win some WAK prizes. All in all a good day/night out whereby you could find the woman or man of your dreams.

Look we realise this sounds super wanky but it will be an "experience" and not just another run of the mill BORING speed dating event that feels like you're at a job interview. We dare you to give us a shot?

Bowled Over Dating: The only speed dating worth popping up for...

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