Yeh, it's evolved into an activity with single cats, you know something fun to break the ice.
It's a category that's a one off and it's game related. Something that cant be classified specifically. It's dating events that have an certain activity to keep everyone amused and to stimulate conversation and most of all attraction
Nah its a blind date.
Within a day of the event. We email you with who's keen for you to hit up at your convenience.
We just give em your email address... So he or she better work for it #missyelliot.
HELL NO!! Think of it as an activity with other single peeps, and you get to meet everyone as we switch teams throughout the session. You just keep an eye on who you fancy.
As we are new, we're still working the age brackets out. Generally they're 10 year age gaps, for example SESSION 1: 20s to 30s SESSION 2 30s to 40s.

Most people that attend are within the age range specified, as people tend to be more compatible when they’re of a similar age. Having said that – if you’re outside it, (2 to 4 years) hit us up and we’ll see what we can do.
We cater for specific age brackets, so sometimes you may be too old for them. DAGNABBIT! Don't despair, like our social medias as we may put on an event in the near future with your demographic in mind!
There’s a light selection of snacks, but this is no roast dinner - ain’t nobody got time for dat! Eat before you come if you’re nervous you’ll be starving.
A couple of hours by the time you factor in 1-1.5 hours of a game and a few drinks afterwards.
Don't sweat it. Our expert hosts will demonstrate before starting any games, then you get to have fun learning with someone cute by your side. Being good at stuff is sexy, being bad at stuff is cute – so basically you can’t lose.
it's not high intensity sports or like you're about to smash the gym bro... (f&*ch that) just light and easy lemon squeezie. Plus if you do we have deodorant on standby.


You sure can hip cat... Read this link if you want to get your nerd on (find out more), and if it doesn't work hit us up yeh?
Pffft! It's a game of whatever we're doing, hilarious ice breakers, a hosted event, some snacks, a chance to win some crap prizes AND the opportunity to meet a potential GF or BF, that's cheaper than a round of drinks at the pub. Stop being such a tightass.
Contact us ASAP! The more notice you give us the more likely we’ll be able to help out.
We run with a minimum of 8 and a max of 16 – but we love sitting in the middle at 12. Feels good being average.
From Brad Pitt to Shaggy from Scooby Doo... All shapes and sizes...
We strive to make it a 50/50 split. Where there’s a difference a BOD representative steps in to maintain equal numbers.
All bookings are made prior to the event. Go to this link here Just do it.
Please let us know by contacting us ASAP. If you have paid for an event and are unable to attend, notify us ASAP. If you notify us at least more than 7 days prior, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel 24-48 hours before your event, you will be credited to another event or can send a same-gender friend in your place. If you cancel the day of the event or don't show, you forfeit your payment.
No worries - just give us a heads up by contacting us yeh? Preferably a 3 or 4 days from the event. This is so we can get the name tags right.


Only if you’re not drinking - we want you to get home safe and sound. Get to the location by using your smart phone: Google maps is the go. Otherwise Uber, a taxi or public transport can all help you out.
Don't stress tiger. If you’re hitting up lawn bowls / mini golf we’ll arrange another session (if it’s real bad…) the other events are indoors so hair = safe.
If it’s way too hot, we may wait until later in the afternoon or cancel it for another time. We’ll let you know though, promise!


If the dates and location are the identical, it's the same event. It's just booked as a different sex (obviously). So if you're a dude book dudes! it's just the way the website works to achieve even numbers of both dudes and babes.
Dress comfortably in something you feel good in, flats are best when it comes to shoes.
Introversion is our default mode so we are pretty nervous too. Don't worry because we've been in your shoes before we will look after you we promise!
Save the meaning of life for your second date or at very least for after the event. Be positive, ask questions and be interested. We’ll give you some pointers if you’re stuck.
Nope. Although chicks dig it when guys are good at stuff, but being a good sport wins every time.
Be patient, the best things happen unexpectedly. At the very least you had a great time AND it just means that the universe is making you wait for that special peep! Plus you can always book again?
They’re not. Shut up.