Tips for the dudes

All booked in for a Bowled Over Dating event? Here’s some tips you might find helpful ahead of the big day!

  1. Entering A Room

    We know that you’re probably nervous. THEY know you’re nervous. Best way to get through it? A big smile and a friendly greeting. Chat to everyone – this is about meeting PEOPLE – not just potential partners!

  2. The Banter (chat)

    Keep it light and breezy, upbeat and positive. Reserve conversations about religion, politics and your ex for a later date – and ASK QUESTIONS. Listening is important – remember, a conversation isn’t a monologue! If small talk’s not your thing, just be polite and try to ask a question for every one that you answer.

  3. SWAG (grooming and appearance)

    It’s no secret that first impressions matter but don’t try to be someone that you’re not – it’s about taking pride in your appearance so dress smart casual in something that makes you feel GOOD and remember “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”!

  4. Body Language

    It’s totally normal to feel a bit anxious! Just make sure you’re mindful of your body language and focus on keeping positive! Try to avoid crossing your arms if you can, and it’s always good to make eye contact, smile and BE CONFIDENT. People shine when they’re happy in who they are, so at the end of the day: YOU DO YOU!

  5. Flirting

    The combination of a few (genuine) compliments and some fun conversation usually make a dating experience memorable – and good manners always matter! Keep it light and don’t be scared to crack a tasteful joke or two - it’s early days so no need to get too serious too soon! Remember: always be kind and respectful to others AND yourself!

  6. Be a gentleman
    Be like Don Draper from Mad Men, (easy eh!!) Open doors, be polite, suave and ooze charisma. Project gentlemanly behaviour at all times. Chicks dig that sh*t.

  7. More Tips
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  8. It Could Be Worse